10 Days before Greenlight & FGA 2015

Written by Joel Konttinen

Ahoy folks!

We are approaching the magical day and damn days are flying by! In just under two weeks we will be hitting the Greenlight with Gunnheim and we are stoked to say the least. Still lot of work is to be done but I’ve seen what the guys in production are capable of – It’ll be exciting 10 days ahead!

Meanwhile the Greenlight is approaching I’ll be writing a series of blogs dealing with the Gunnheim’s storyline.

So what else is going on?

Last night Petri and me attended the Finnish Game Awards 2015 gala in Helsinki, Club Capital. We also had the honor to visit the premises of couple remarkable Finnish game companies before suiting up and heading the main event.

The event itself was a blast! Pioneers of Finnish game industry, both past and future, partying under the same roof. One of the best features of the industry, the sense of community was remarkably present – And so was the good food and refreshments.

Once more, congratulations to all the winners and nominees as well!

When the awards were given and the actual parties were about to go off– We jumped to midnight buss and headed back to Jyväskylä. Shame on us, right? Regardless the early come back we might have borrowed the next days happiness in such manner that I personally had some issues with getting my ass to office in time the next day.

Until next time – It is time for me to continue my studies

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 14.07.43Cheerios!

– Joel