As an intern at SIEIDI

Written by James Pearce

Howdy everyone!

I am sad to inform you that today you will not be getting a post from Petri. But you will be getting something better! A post by me!

So who on earth am I?

I am James Pearce, a software engineering student from Finland. I am a half Brit and as such I will not apologize for my bad English! This is my first blog post ever so bear with me. Also I am an intern at SIEIDI ltd.

What I should be doing

Well what I should be doing is spewing out code and games like Sieidis programmer Joni(and intake vast amounts of beer, coffee, burgers and pizza), but here I am writing a blog and intaking only small amounts of burgers and soda.

So what I have done?

I have been an intern here for almost 2 months now! During which I spent 2 weeks in the lovely weather of the UK drinking glorious English beer and with the help of another intern made a prototype for Sieidi. These two months have also had a lot of learning, messing around and dark humor(Jarmo lives up to his reputation).

What will I be doing now

We completed the prototype this week so now I need something else to do. Luckily in a small company like Sieidi there is always something for an intern to do, for example brewing coffee(what is consumed in copious amounts!). In the interest of my learning I also get/have to do other stuff. The newest idea I have been pitched is the mission of infiltrating different forums and social medias!

Will you be seeing more of me?

I will be here as an intern for 3 more months so you might see another post from me if all goes well. Also if you follow different forums and social medias you will probably see threads/posts by me. Being new to this all comments and feedback would be appreciated. Sorry for ruining your chance at getting a free copy of Gunnheim.