BeatCon 2015 & Gunnheim

Written by Joel Konttinen

Greetings from SIEIDI Station!

As mentioned before we have been working with our new game project the last month. After long lasting brainstorming sessions and long lists of ideas we finally managed to give a name to our baby; Gunnheim !

At the beginning of the Jan 2015 we weren’t too optimistic about getting to show off some material of Gunnheim in the BeatCon 2015 – But little did we know. Our production blew my mind away by finishing an early yet playable version of Gunnheim in two (yes, TWO?) weeks. The reactions in the festival were amazingly encouraging and the amount of positive feedback really warmed our hearts and gave us a huge motivation boost!

Petri also pitched his way to top 3 in the BeatCon Pitching competition!

Happy CEO after BeatCon 2015


The Friday week after the BeatCon we found ourselves at the office working with the Steam’s Greenlight Concept page. Klaus delivered the first Gunnheim teaser while the rest of the crew were concentrated on taking some screenshots and writing the synopsis. After intense couple of hours and numerous cups of blackest ink our Moccamaster can produce – Here it is, the Gunnheim Greenlight Concept page !

The pre-alpha version will be out soon and we are really looking forward to get some feedback from it. And as promised before the people joined in the Gunnheim Newsletter will be the first ones to receive their copies!

Gunnheim Pre-alpha version Screenshot

Stay tuned, Cheers!