What is SIEIDI?

SIEIDI is an independent Finnish game development startup founded in 2014. The SIEIDI team is made up of gaming enthusiasts who use their combined design, tech and business skills to create unique and meaningful gaming experience for PC and consoles. Right now we don't have any open positions. If you still feel like you should be part of the crew send us an application to jobs@sieidi.com, we guarantee to respond.

Joni Häkkinen / CTO

  • joni@sieidi.com

Joni is the tech mastermind behind all SIEIDI projects and is responsible for the flawless code and overall quality of our games. The only thing that can break his concentrated flow is a new game idea - something that will be drawn on the whiteboard right away for everyone else to review. (2015 EDIT: A snake cube puzzle is also bad!) Joni is a creative engineer, who does not waste time on "bad execution." Instead he usually comes up with the best possible solution and convinces everyone else. The crew has learnt a saying: When in doubt, ask Joni.

Jarmo Juurikka / Artist

  • jarmo@sieidi.com

Jarmo sets the course for the art style in all SIEIDI’s original game projects. He is a professional video game artist specializing in concept art, character design, 3D-modeling and texturing. That basically covers most of what our team does graphics-wise. "Jamo" is known for his wicked sense of humour, which is nothing but a good thing in a small crew like ours. He starts working before the sun rises (or at least that's what the other guys believe) and delivers amazing pieces of art at a surprising speed, even though he is a bit of perfectionist.

Joel Konttinen / Brand management

  • joel@sieidi.com

What Joel brings to the table at SIEIDI is first and foremost his hands-on marketing skills, but also an unprejudiced attitude towards the video game business. No idea is too crazy or too impractical to try at least once just for a laugh and a little bit of information. Also on every little stunt he is admirably ready to stick his own neck out. All of SIEIDI’s marketing and brand defining have started to reflect Joel's personality: daring & original, with a healthy dose of 'haters gonna hate'.