Early Access, are you ready?

Written by Joel Konttinen

Greetings loved ones, hope you are doing awesome!

So what is up in Sieidi headquarters? Besides occasional Rocket League matches I think the title says it all.

Yes, we are finally going there. We are approaching the notorious Early Access, and fast. At this point it seems that we’ll be stepping in to the gears of Early Access in just couple of weeks. Damn, and it’s 6 months when we sat down with the guys and figured “So what kind of a game should we develop?” and here we are.

“So why Early Access? Are you guys running out of money? Are you going to put it there and do the infamous “Vanished-developers” trick?”

When it comes to money – we have it us much as we have Golden Lamborghinis (I’ll be damned if Jamo has a garage full of these) but that is enough. I mean we are still a start up company where our assets are intangible. As many people before me have said; “If you are doing Early Access just get money – Well don’t”. And secondly we are not going to vanish and leave Gunnheim there without our loving attention. Enough with the money talk, these are just common questions asked from developers in the verge of Early Access.

Question remains – Why Early Access?

“I could spend hours and hours writing down all the reasons and causalities between them – Instead I’ll paste the materials that we produced with Petri after clearing that question for ourselves;

Gunnheim has reached the point where the feedback of a broader community is vital for refining the gaming experience. We believe that Early Access is great and constructive method for us to get brutally honest feedback so that we can deliver a game that matches the standards set to us.

As we realise that the game may not be as enjoyable as possible without interaction with a dedicated player base we hope to find gamers who’d love to be part of Gunnheim’s development.”

So in a nutshell we need players and their dead straight feedback to finish this bad boy and make it the game it deserves to be!

Btw, here’s some alpha playtesting footage:

Have an awesome weekend everyone, I know I will!