Googling For Inspiration

Written by Joel Konttinen

When it comes to inspiration the feeling of obligation is a no no. However in my case it resulted into a tiny inner laughter.


I needed to write to the blog. Not due the pressure from my beloved co-workers but because I felt obligated. Usually coming up with material is a no-brainer but this time I didn’t really know where to start. So I googled.


What I found by googling was a blog topic generator. Set 3 nouns to it and you will receive 5 topics, 1 for each day. Neat! I inserted words Gunnheim, Greenlight Concept and Progress. This is what happened

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 14.50.21

After a small enjoyment I thought that maybe there wouldn’t be a blog until I come up with something. While having a cup of coffee and reading the confusing topics I realized I was actually thinking what I would write about the topics

So here we go (just 1 thing per topic – you don’t want a novel do you?)

  1. 10 things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Gunnheim

Tricky one – Competitors, give me a call and educate me!

  1. 10 Quick Tips About Greenlight Concept

The Greenlight concept page is a neat way to start building the actual Greenlight page. And to be honest – It is pretty satisfying to see your game in Steam’s page.

  1. 14 Common Misconceptions About Progress

“Progress is always something that results moving towards your goal” – I’d say progress can be the realization and acceptance of mistakes in past

  1. Think You’re Cut Out For Doing Gunnheim? Take This Quiz

Q: Would you give Vikings firearms?

5. 7 Things About Greenlight Concept Your Boss Wants To Know

“Who is responsible for writing all these damn materials into it?”

Next time I’ll give you something actually concerning the progress of Gunnheim & Greenlight – Thanks for being a good sport! Have an awesome week!





PS. All respect to the generator itself – It can actually give you some cool ideas!