Gunnheim Story Blog Part 1

Written by Joel Konttinen

The screams of damned souls that pour constantly to your worksite fill your ears. Your working shifts are 24/7 and the contract says “for eternity”. As fun as tearing souls apart and torturing might sound, these are duties that will eventually start to stress the living crap out of anyone, even if happen to be the king of death himself.


There are no support groups for leaders of Hell.


Overwhelming frustration and anxiety turn into a downshift of all time filled with booze and promiscuous acts. The bottles start to pop and an infernal rave-up is initiated, and the only thing is missing from this party is the ending date. Halls of damnation start to tear apart from the bass line deeper than Hell itself.

Quite frankly, the inhabitants of Hell have a taste for a party and as the Devil gets gut busting-hammered with his posse there is no one left to run the place. Hell is on the loose. Literally.


Aide from demonic bastards that start to raid the worlds there is another one to bail. Only a small tuft of steaming fur is left behind when the satanic tail-wagger rushes through the doggie door left open by its wasted master.


The only god who was not invited to the party, the elder brother of the lord of Death, looks down from his boney beanbag with great anger and bitterness. He grabs his divine phone and hits his friend, the father of the Gunnheim siblings.

“Hey Alvig! Long time no see, right..?”
“Jörn.. So you DO have the balls to call. I don’t give a flying fåk about you anymore but the children miss you.”
“That’s actually something I wanted to talk you about. Do they have anything planned for the weekend?”
“No, not yet. What’s this all about you deadbeat douche?”
“C’mon Alvig, I’m still their Godfather. I’ll take the kids for the weekend – I have a little quest for them”

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