More on the intern life at SIEIDI

Written by James Pearce

Hello again!

As you might know from my earlier post I am an intern at SIEIDI. I Thought I could open a bit more on what I have been doing here!

So far the tasks I have done include:

  • design and develop a prototype (which under my NDA I cannot talk more about (BUT IT WAS AWESOME)) for SIEIDI with another intern
  • empty the dishwasher
  • do dishes by hand (mainly my own dishes)
  • Brew coffee
  • post stuff for the blog, Reddit and other forums
  • help with the test sessions held at the office
  • give my two cents on Gunnheim (Which of course has been listened to and obeyed without question)
  • learning marketing as an Indy developer
  • making lists (I like lists)

So my time here has been dandy, joking aside I have greatly increased my abysmal coding skills, had a chance to meet people I would never had the opportunity of meeting otherwise and involve myself in marketing that I always wanted to try.

As you might know SIEIDI has an office in Jyväskylä Finland and that is where we do the magic of game dev with SIEIDI. Every now and then you can hear someone yell “Joni… how do I fix this” followed with Joni’s disgruntled reply of “in a minute” or “F off, I am busy”. They are a tight folk at SIEIDI talking about things most men talk about but with a darker twist. I survive with them, but someone who dislikes dark jokes would not like it here.

So what I do

Generally I spend my time at the office on my laptop, doing what I can best describe as “stuff” because it is never the same. Entrepreneurship, marketing, watching youtube videos, development, programming and art can all be part of my day. Marketing is something I just recently took up here and so far it is OK, I would enjoy it more if we could get some conversation going, so if you have questions or anything of the like head over to Gunnheims subreddit and be a viking with us! You could make suggestions on what you would like us to cover in these blogs, or you can tell me never to do a blog here again or encourage me to make more blogs!

-James THE Intern