Are you ready 2015? Because we sure are!

Written by Joel Konttinen

Let’s kick this off with a concentrated tone of SIEDI crew – We are stoked! And there are plenty of reasons for that. Just about a week ago we bid adieu to the year 2014 and embraced the year 2015. The previous year taught us how to walk, now is our time to make Usain Bolt to look like a snail.

We began our 2015 with moving in to new premises in Jyvaskyla and I got to say, the new office plays its part in the act of “dream workplace” impressively. The scent of fresh paint and renovation fills the air giving us a ferocious drive to improve ourselves to a whole different level as individuals but more importantly, as a crew. And what comes to the crew, it has not only grown from the knowledge and experience aspect, but also concretely.

The office is new, the year is new and so is the man behind the text.

I’m Joel. Why am I in SIEIDI?

In short, I’m here to take care of branding of the company. Besides the branding I will be playing important role in the marketing field and helping out in general tasks and challenges that young and hungry companies face on daily basis.

..I also possess the incredible ability of “Moccamaster whispering”.

But that’s enough about me ( least in this post).

Last year we had our share of exploring the gaming field and meeting awesome people who share the same passion and vision in gaming and also in entrepreneurship and it was hell of a ride. So why stop now?

Like the creators of the movie “Back to the future” said (or at least thought); there will be more. Not just about our upcoming projects, which I assure you will be a lot of awesomeness, but also about the SIEIDI crew and our roles in this journey to create a dream game company.


Till then – Ciaó