Road to Release: Greenlit!

Written by Klaus Kääriäinen

Last Friday Hypersensitive Bob got Greenlit! Which is awesome! In total it took 14 days. It’s just great to hear so much positive feedback from the game, see people voting for it, testing the demo and so on… And we are only getting started!


So what happens after Greenlight?

Right now the basic structure for Hypersensitive Bob is pretty much complete, there are some of the core mechanics which still needs work, but we’re close! Still the biggest workload right now is the content.


Road to release is currently looking like this:


We’re currently developing more monsters into the game, which has different visuals and AI.


Project name “Military Snail”


The release version will have different “worlds” to choose from. All of these worlds include different type of monsters and unique final boss.


Sketches from the “Peanut Boss”


Hypersensitive Bob will have as much levels as we possibly can create within the development time.


We want to allow more casual players to get into the game as well. The biggest issue is to learn the controls and use them properly. After that you can focus more into having fun discovering the world!


The release version will feature more than thirty different items for you to discover and use in different builds. Every item will also have their own icon and short story.


Part of ttem design Excel


The UI is going to have a remake. Problems with the current one is the readability, functionality with all the features and it also includes stuff which isn’t necessary to be there.


New UI for the Item Store


Like mentioned in earlier blog post, the game will have unlockable content. Player can collect Vaccine from the levels and with that he can either buy items for the journeys or unlock new playable characters, story images and jukebox. When completing the boss fights, the player will also unlock new items which can appear in the item store after that.


One of the unlockable characters, Spoopy.


We’ll focus into optimizing the game before the release, to make it work as good as possible on low end devices as well.

If you go and test the game on GAMEJOLT you may see some problems with the monster movement paths. In some levels they are not able to make turns in certain locations, or they go through a wall etc. This is one of the core features which still needs work and we’ll focus into that before the release.

That’s it for now, it would be really awesome to see you helping us develop Hypersensitive Bob! Grab a demo, play the game, give us feedback and follow us on the media of your choice. (Links below)