The Judging Eyes – Gunnheim Development

Written by Klaus Kääriäinen

This is the second game development blog of our first PC title Gunnheim. Link for the first video dev blog can be found HERE


When you play your favorite game for hundreds of hours, you start to look at the fine details of the game with judging eyes. Even the minor things may start to feel uncomfortable and you pick out different ideas how it should have been created in the first place. With Gunnheim the big difference is that we have the power to actually change those things, which have lead us into situation where we pick out those fine details and “polish” or “fix” them spending a lot of time.

Critter AI Script

(It’s easy to spend tons of hours just by changing these values.)

Fortunately we’ve woken up from this. It’s time to start using our precious time on things which actually matter when playing the game for the first time. Things for the player who also uses his precious minutes or hours with the game.

In the end Gunnheim is meant to be played with friends on a Friday and/or Saturday night for a couple of hours now and then. Our goal is to make those couple of hours the best entertainment they’ve experienced for a while.

Minibosses for Gunnheim

(Gunnheim minibosses featuring: Ancient Critter, Frog King and The Chef)

If you want to help us with YOUR judging eyes, make sure to download the free pre-alpha version from our website and send us feedback in our social medias TWITTER and FACEBOOK for example.

PS. Our blog has been too quiet for too long. We originally had a schedule of one post per week, which hasn’t actually happened. Now we want to make up for that by posting something every workday (Mon-Fri) until the release of Gunnheim. And to maintain that we promise the following: the first person who notices that we’ve missed a blog post for any previous day and contacts us in some way gets a free digital copy of Gunnheim once it gets released on PC. Simple as that.

Also if you have anything you would like to hear from our development, send us a message so we can add that into our next game development blog.