Tools For An Artist – Gunnheim Development

Written by Klaus Kääriäinen


It’s Friday again! I bet some of you are already taken the weekend refreshment out from the fridge and even poured those down your throat. Or maybe you play games. But if you do it right, you do them both. The combination is good, but it’s still missing Gunnheim. So because of that, we have been developing it for the whole day yet again.


As some of our readers already know, our development team consist of three people. Two artists and one programmer. For one programmer, there’s pretty hell of an a lot to do in Gunnheim. We’ve been shrinking up the features as much as possible, but we have also made other solutions to move the pressure out from the programming side. One of these solutions is to create tools for the artists to work inside Unity and develop stuff which would normally need help from the programmer.


Once the tools get to a certain point, and the artist (which is me) starts to realize the possibilities he can create with them we start to make results much more faster than dumping it all to the programmers to-do list. With Gunnheim, we’re about to reach that point, which is pretty damn awesome when considering the future of the game. With these tools, we are more able to (for example) create diversity into the levels, which Gunnheim needs badly.

It’s been a great day for me! When managing to create “Survival” -level in Gunnheim (almost) without any help you can tap your shoulder couple of times and say: “Sir, you are awesome.”

Have a nice weekend and stay tuned for some bigger Gunnheim updates which is coming up next week!