Twitching things up in our latest Gamedev project !

Written by Joel Konttinen

Greetings from the SIEIDI Station!

During this month we’ve been working hard (to say the least) and having ton of fun doing it! And I got to give some serious brofist to the guys of production, they are making things happen! I Have to say that we have highly positive vibe about our latest project and felt like sharing it!

So what is the project? – Well it is a game – so no surprise factors there.

At this point I will tell you some of the core fundamentals of this bad boy;

  1. Gaining an awesome ass whopping gaming experience – with your amigos! And as a kicker – let’s make it local.
  2. Taking a couple of steps back to our generation’s Glory age of gaming and refine it with the tools provided by the year 2015 !
  3. Breaking couches – Literally breaking couches. Not by us though, we are just delivering the tools and means that will hopefully generate the YES!-effect that has been proven to create some stress for these lounges of living rooms around the world.

Last Saturday we showed off some first screenshot in #screenshotsaturday – and here it is


The first public picture of our baby shared in #screenshotsaturday

And let’s throw in some Artwork too since our artist Jarmo has been on fire too !

“A picture is worth a thousand words” – I wonder if thousand words is enough in Jarmo’s case?

The curtain will be raised soon and I can’t wait to get some reactions and comments!

Ps. If you have had the opportunity to check out our stream in Twitch, you might already have a clue what’s going on! If not – – Go and check out Klaus doing some insane developing magic! And along side with that some actual gameplay footage every now and then! And for you who already have seen some of twitch action there’s an update; We have video feed on!


After just few Twitch sessions we already got some good improvement ideas from the viewers – Exactly what we were hoping for!


Stay tuned and Cheers!

– Joel