We now have a full release date and a publisher for Gunnheim!

Written by Petri Pekkarinen

The Gunnheim vikings have spent a lot of minigun ammo since the last time this blog was updated. For little over a month we’ve been constantly updating the game with the help of players in Steam Early Access. Regarding player feedback and involvement Steam Early Access has been even more invaluable than we expected! We are very grateful for all the positive and constructive feedback, suggestions and great ideas in the Steam community.

The last few weeks (and six months before that) we’ve been developing Gunnheim have indeed been a memorable ride, and at this turn we are very excited to announce the following:

On October 16th Gunnheim is leaving Early Access and the full Steam release is done with Meridian4 as our publisher! We are happy to work with them, as they are able to take the game’s promotion and marketing to a whole new level. It’s like Laknir picking up a Railgun just in time before facing a Warhog!

So we still have a few weeks of intense game making before Gunnheim 1.0 will see the light of day. And if you can’t wait to dive into the world of Vikings with Guns you can do that right now!


We have also updated the game trailer for the remainder of the Early Access period: