What is “Hypersensitive Bob”?

Written by Klaus Kääriäinen

Hey everyone!

After releasing our very first TRAILER of HYPERSENSITIVE BOB a lot of people asked “What kind of a game is it?”. Because of this, I’ve decided to write a little longer description of how the game is played.

Player jumps into the boots of a guy called “Bob”. Bob has a problem of being allergic to everything. Because of these allergies, he has lost grasp of his original life and friends. Bob decides to get rid of these allergies by starting to fight against them, literally.

Hypersensitive Bob is a low-poly top-down shooter with roguelike elements. It has some vibes from “Binding of Isaac”, where you have to clear levels in order to proceed to next one. Bob will have one button to shoot, but with items the projectiles can be upgraded to have special features. Such as shooting in multiple directions, stunning the enemies and so on. Death means that you have to restart the game from the very beginning, unless you have enough Vaccines to resurrect yourself.


By killing monsters in the game, player gains this thing which we call “Vaccine”. Vaccine is stored for future use and it can be used for various of things, which are:


Every time the player starts a new “Journey” from his home, he does not have any items on his character. When succeeding in a level, player enters the Item Store. In this store, player can use Vaccine to buy one of three random items. These items upgrade the character in various ways. Some items cost more and offer bigger improvements. If the player dies during the journey, or completes the journey by killing the final boss the items are lost. So basically every journey is different. By picking the right items at the right time, the player is more able to survive.



Like mentioned earlier, Bob wants to get his friends back. The only way to do this, is to drink enough Vaccine. Some friends require more than others. Once enough vaccine is collected and used for the unlock, that friend will become a playable new character. Every friend has own stats which bring more possibilities to make crazy builds by combining the right items.


The catch in Hypersensitive Bob is that the amount of Vaccine the player has collected, affects the items and characters available. In early game, player needs to consider carefully what items he should buy for his journey and maybe take some risks by buying more expensive ones. In late game the player is able to get more powerful builds which helps him conquer harder levels and bosses.

There will be a lot of balancing for the item powers and prices when during the development. For example we just discovered a build which increases player damage to three thousand, which is not very well balanced. … Or is it?

It would be great to see you playing Hypersensitive Bob HERE and give us feedback of the current setup of the game. A lot will be changed before the final version, but I’m pretty sure you get the idea from this early demo.

We are also currently on Steam Greenlight, if you like what you saw, be sure to vote us!


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