What it needs – Gunnheim Development

Written by Klaus Kääriäinen


Today we had some fun with our new weapon and yes I’m talking about Gunnheim! For now, we call it Ancient Smiter. Take a look how it works: HERE (Yellow and Blue are using the new gun).

Gunnheim Screenshot 07/14/2015

Ancient Smiter doing what it does best.

The current plan right now is to create a good set of different weapons to bring diversity into the battlefield. Each of them have their pros and cons. The weapons won’t come alone, we are planning to create personalized characters for every weapon. So basically big barrel cannon and overweight viking come in the same package.

Other priority things in development is to boost up the mayhem feeling, add more content and create “gamification” for the game.

What do I mean by “gamification” in this? We (most of us) play games to challenge our selves and we hunt the feeling of success and joy. The harder it is (or the harder it FEELS) the bigger the feeling. In Gunnheim we are starting to have solid challenging experiences in the levels, but when talking about the whole game it still needs the feeling which makes you want to try that “one more run”. Is it because you want to break a time record? Is it to master the game with insane difficulty or is it just unlocks/achievements you are after? It doesn’t always have to be anything fancy, just some number which raises once in a while.

Wonder how many lives have these progress bars consumed?

We’ve done a lot of research to see how this kind of stuff is done in games nowadays. As Gunnheim is still created for players to have fun while drinking refreshments heavily, we want to keep the “gamification” pretty simple also. So far one of the best references have been in the good old Doom.

All you need?

After countless of tries in Doom, it was pretty satisfying to actually beat the “PAR” -time, find all the secrets or just know that you left no living soul behind. Knowing stats like this is great and it lefts you with the feeling, that you can still do better. Unless you just happen to be damn awesome right from the start.

Do you have any good references from a “gamification” which you’ve found awesome? Drop a comment or engage us in some other media, we dare you!

We are going to run few tests with our ideas in the office within coming weeks and see how it goes. If you are interested in following us even more carefully, be sure to follow Gunnheim on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.